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In well-established dairy industries, large corporations have traditionally processed most, if not all the milk produced by dairy farmers. As towns became cities and economies grew, economies of scale concentrated the milk processing profits in the hands of relatively-few, often multi-national companies. The situation is changing, however, as large organisations are under increasing pressure to contain costs and are not finding it so easy in today’s changing economic climate. Smaller-scale producers and entrepreneurs are seeing the opportunities to open up niche markets for artisanal dairy products, and are starting up their own milk processing operations. More and more delicatessens, farmers markets and supermarkets are stocking farm butter, clotted cream, labneh, soft and hard herbed cheeses, and probiotic yoghurts, to name just a few, all lovingly-crafted and supplied by small-scale producers.

Hopefully, this trend will continue so that small scale dairy processing plants will become the norm rather than the exception in time. The dairy industry is unique in that it is the only farming enterprise which generates a daily income while creating a nest egg at the same time. Currently, there is a wide range of small-scale milk processing machinery available; with employment opportunities in decline across many sectors of the economy, incomes can be supplemented by specialising in producing a unique range of yoghurt or cheese for local distribution. If the product is good enough, a small following can quickly become a large one and small-scale businesses become more resilient as word spreads.


At Milk-Pro International, we carry the complete range of equipment to profitably process up to 1500liters of milk per day. From the unique in-container Milk-Pro ® pasteurisation unit for fresh, packaged, pasteurised milk with an extended shelf life, to the Dairy Queen ® multi-purpose production unit, we carry al you need! Cream separators, butter churns, batch tank pasteurisers, filling units for milk, cream and yoghurt, all sized to suit your processing needs as well as your pocket!

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Milk-Pro Equipment

Batch processing system to package, pasteurise and chill up to 1500 liters of milk per day


Dairy Equipment

Milkers, cream, yoghurt and cheese making equipment for small-scale processors



Breast is Best! Milk-True pasteurises expressed mother’s milk safely and hygienically.

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