Batch Dairy
Pasteurisation System

Helping you turn milk into money!


Package your milk first, then Pasteurise in the packaging – we call it Milk-Protisation - that’s the Milk-Pro secret! 

The spin offs are plenty

  • Milk can’t be contaminated again until the package is opened for use – longer shelf life at proper storage temperatures!
  • Only the filling unit comes into contact with the milk – less to clean and less-expensive equipment required!
  • Manually-operated, robust, simple system – easy to learn, great for rural areas far away from technical support!
  • No moving parts – consistent and reliable, time after time, after time!
  • Batch processing system – daily volumes from 100 to 1000 liters become profitable! 

We also supply end-to-end small-scale dairy equipment including…

  • Mobile single and double-point  milking machines
  • Table-top  cream separators, 100 and 500 liters per hour
  • Butter churns, Spinning Paddle and Revolving Urn
  • Batch pasteurisers, 70 to 450 liter, for maas, yoghurt and cheese production
  • High-shear mixers and homogenising pumps for small-scale operation
  • Packaging units
  • Walk-in cold rooms
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Milk-Pro Equipment

Batch processing system to package, pasteurise and chill up to 1500 liters of milk per day


Dairy Equipment

Milkers, cream, yoghurt and cheese making equipment for small-scale processors



Breast is Best! Milk-True pasteurises expressed mother’s milk safely and hygienically.

Milk your business for all its worth!