Processing Machinery

Today, more than ever before, consumers are demanding something different, something more interesting and rewarding from their dairy purchases. Small-scale producers and processors are carving out niches for their artisanal yoghurts, cheeses and butter. We have the complete range of equipment required and the experience gained over 20 years in the market to back it up.


Bulk milk pasteurisers for maas, yoghurt & cheese making

Not just for pasteurising milk, these units are ideal for fermented milk, yoghurt and cheese making.

  • 70 liter – 450 liter bulk milk, stainless steel jacketed batch pasteurisers
  • Electrically-heated, hot water temperature control with a circulation system
  • 220 Volt single-phase, 50/60Hz, 6kW to 18kW, 380 Volt 3-phase
Milk-Pro-100lit-per-hour-Electric-Cream-Separator small

Cream Separators

To clean and clarify, as well as to separate the valuable fraction of cream from milk.

  • 80 – 100 liters per hour, table-top, electric and manual
  • 500 liters per hour, floor-standing
  • 220 Volt single-phase, 50/60Hz

butter churns

Using turbulence churning principles, butter extraction is maximised. 

  • 15, 25 and 40 liter Spinning Paddle Butter-Churns
  • Kneading, washing and salting processors performed outside the vessel
  • 220 Volt single-phase, 50/60Hz

Milking machines

Redesigned for robust use, these units are ideal for harsh conditions and handling. Spares included for peace of mind!

  • Single and double bucket, electrically-operated, piston-type, mobile milking units
Milk your business for all its worth!