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In well-established dairy industries, large corporations have traditionally processed most, if not all the milk produced by dairy farmers. As towns became cities and economies grew, economies of scale concentrated the milk processing profits in the hands of relatively-few, often multi-national companies.

Large dairy organisations are under increasing pressure to contain costs and are not finding it so easy in today’s changing economic climate. Smaller-scale milk producers, processors and entrepreneurs are seeing the opportunities to explore niche markets for artisanal dairy products and are starting up their own milk processing operations. More and more delicatessens, farmers markets and supermarkets are stocking farm butter, clotted cream, labneh, soft and hard herbed cheeses, and probiotic yoghurts, all lovingly crafted and supplied by small-scale producers.

Non-dairy milks have also come the fore as a niche industry in which we have been assisting producers to grow their small home businesses to valuable larger scale operations.

At Milk-Pro International our vision and mission are to see small scale milk producers help sustain themselves, their families, and employees, grow their business consistently as well as contributing to the growth of their local economy.  Small scale dairy processing plants are now becoming the norm rather than the exception.

The dairy industry is unique in that it is the only farming enterprise which generates a daily income while building an asset at the same time.


Batch processing system to package, pasteurise and chill up to 1500 litres of milk per day. 

Milkers, cream, yoghurt and cheese making equipment for small businesses.

The team at Milk-Pro International are proficient in identifying the needs of small scale dairy enterprises. We offer consultations.

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